Thursday, October 7, 2010

In love you sound stupid!!!

My morning has bloomed like flower,
Thought of this peom when i was in shower;
First I thought your call was a dream,
So I was suppose to cry, and scream;
Feel of water drops told me its true,
Voice I heard was you and only you...;
I'm travelling in train there's all chat and jitters,
But I can only see is your eyes and glitters..;
Ruffle of your hair and eyebrow has a mark,
A beautiful smile on your face, which seems like rainbow arc;
Now I am in locker getting ready for work,
I am smiling on my own so people think ,I am jerk;
Who'll tell them, I am not stupid,
Its just that i have been hit by cupid;
Don't think this is all crap above,
These are my feelings only for my love.....


  1. looks like someone is inspired by my blog..good going..

  2. the above lines r the exact replica of wht u r.......crazy gal:-)

  3. @ exactly din't knew wat its all abt!!!
    @pia ;)